“Black Regiment” Lesson Plans

These lesson plans are meant to augment student reading of “The Black Regiment of the American Revolution,” by Linda Crotta Brennan and illustrated by Cheryl Kirk Noll.

Cover of Black Regiment

Targeted Grade Level Expectations:

HP 1: History is an account of human activities that is interpretive in nature.

HP 1 (3-4) –1 Students act as historians, using a variety of tools (e.g., artifacts and primary and secondary sources) by…
a. describing the difference between primary and secondary sources and interpreting information from each (e.g., asking and answering questions, making predictions.
b. classifying objects, artifacts, and symbols from long ago and today and describing how they add to our understanding of the past.
c. organizing information obtained to answer historical questions

Essential questions:
a. How can historical tools help us understand the past?
b. What is a primary source?
c. How do we differentiate between things from long ago and today?
d. How does the information gathered enhance our understanding of the past? •

Potential Topics:
Related CCSS: Reading: Informational Text Reading: Range of Reading
Reading: Key Ideas and Details
Writing: Research to Build and Present Knowledge

These lessons work best if the students have had an opportunity to read and discuss the Black Regiment book. I will provide material at a later time to fill in the history of the Black Regiment if the book is unavailable.

An Introductory slide show on Primary Sources: Thinking like an historian.

Primary Source Workshop: Learning how to use primary sources:

Working with flags, drawings, maps, documents (small section transcribed), diary entry (small section transcribed).

Samuel Ward’s Diary

Students will use a Library of Congress organizer to analyze the primary sources.

We will use prompts to get the students thinking about the primary sources.

If I am on track with the flag exercise, I will work on prompts for the other types of primary sources.

The illustrator of The Black Regiment has given us 12 paperback copies of the book.

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