Information for Students and Teachers

Slide-show on Thinking like an Historian – Primary sources – Black Regiment pdf

Booklet on Portsmouth Women:PortsmouthWomen

Book on Portsmouth History for Student:  Tales of Portsmouth

Picture book of Portsmouth History:  IfWallsCouldTalk

Aquidneck Farms ABC book:  aquidneckfarms ABC

Portsmouth Farm Heritage (2019) PortsmouthsFarmHeritage

Tour of Butts Hill Fort (2022) 

Portsmouth Places from A to Z:

A: Alpacas: Glen Ridge Alpaca Farm

B:  Bristol Ferry CommonBoyd’s Mill – Paradise Park Middletown

C:  Common Fence Point


E: Louis Escobar’s Farm

F:  Founder’s Brook

G:  Glen Farm Barns The Glen,  Glen Manor House

H: The Hummocks

I:  Island Park

J: Julia Ward Howe’s House Oak Glen


L: Leonard Brown House

M: Melville, Mount Hope Bridge

N: Newtown

O:  Overing House at Prescott Farm

P:  Patriot’s Park: Black Regiments

Q:  Quaker Meeting House

R:  Red Cross House

S:  Old Stone Bridge Southermost School,

T:  Town Pond

U:  Union Meeting House

V.  Vineyards (Greenvale and Newport)


X: Blades of Prescott Farm Windmill:  Sherman Mill Blades


Z:  Zoo:  Green Animal – Topiary Zoo

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