Blueprint for last Mussel Shoal Bed Lighthouse

In researching our Civil War Sword, we rediscovered another item in our collection. We have the blueprints of the last Mussel Shoal Lighthouse.  Musselbed Shoals is a dangerous spot for navigation through the channel from Narragansett Bay to Mount Hope Bay. It is even noted  on colonial era maps.  In 1871 a beacon was placed there followed by a new light in 1873.  This structure was damaged by ice floes.  A new structure with built with more protection, but ice floes in 1919 -1920 damaged this one as well.  The light was abandoned in 1938 and the lighthouse was severely damaged by the Hurricane of 1938.  Later the building was torn down and an automatic light was installed that remains today.



Lighthouse with Mt. Hope Bridge in the background.