Maps are wonderful primary sources. I have begun collecting as many Revolutionary Era maps as I can. The Clinton Collection of the Clement Library and the Collection of the Library of Congress have some maps that help us understand the actions in the Siege of Newport and the Battle of Rhode Island. The Huntington Library Map of North Portsmouth helps us to understand a British perspective of the battle. I will post more as I find them. I urge you to go to the embeded URL to go to the map directly and use the zoom feature to travel around the map. It is in examining the map close up that we find our most intriguing information.

Fage August 1778 British Defenses (Clement Library- Clinton Collection)

Plan of the Works – Fage- Defense of Newport – Clinton Collection of Clement Library

Fage – After the Battle: 29 August – Clinton Collection – Clement Library

Huntington Library Map after Battle

Attacks upon Rhode Island, Augt. [1778] Map.
Library of Congress: Attacks Upon Rhode Island