Blaskewitz Map of Bristol Ferry Area

During Revolutionary times there was an active community around the Bristol Ferry landing. Blaskowitz chart.

The way to Bristol Ferry became a bustling community with taverns and shops. By the old ferry landing is the Town Commons.  On March 12, 1714, the common is listed in a list of “Rhodes, Ways and Lanes in Portsmouth.” This document is available in town archives. Regarding the Bristol Ferry Common, it states that,

“… the piece of  land near Abel Trip house adjoining to the ferry against Bristol, is left for the conveniency (sic) of the Public in importing  and transporting of Cattel (sic), Sheep, Horses, wood, rails, etc. and is bounded on the bank against the salt water 12 rods, and against the land of John Earl & John Earl _____ twelve rods and against the land of  John Pool, John Tripp and Abel Tripp, that is, from the Earl ____ his corner to Thomas Borden’s Northeast corner aforesaid, is twenty rods and from Borden’s down to the lege (sic) of the bank next to the salt water is nineteen rods.”